Homer Fernandez founded the Bibliotheque group in 1994 and re-established it in 2005.  He is a writer and a digital artist.

Re-exposure of homer

Joemarie Sanclaria heads the new Aklateko group.  He is a visual artist and a member of several prestigious Art groups in the Philippines.  He has been involved in numerous group exhibits in Singapore, Germany, Manila, Northern and Central Luzon.


Jo Ann Hernandez is part of the original 1994 group and used to head the performing arts activities that included a stint at the NCCA.  She lives in Singapore with her family.   She is an art educator at Brighton Montessori Centre-GRC in Singapore.

jo ann

Rachelle Bulandos -Alpuerto works as a data entry specialist at Snapbooster.com.  She was the group’s lead actress from 2005 to 2012.  Now she sponsors the group’s outreach program for displaced children.


Sabrina Suico is an HRM and Education graduate and now runs her printing business.  She used to host and sponsor the group’s programs from 2005-2016.


Emer Joseph Inting works as a teller at Chinabank and also runs his boutique for men’s apparel.  He performed in many musical comedies from 2006 to 2015.  He also acted as part of the group’s technical staff.


Rod Daniel Antonio has been performing almost non-stop for the group since 2006.  He is famous for his energetic performances and emotive musical theater voice.   He works as sales support associate at Virgin Mobile Australia.

rod daniel

Dominique Escotinia is the group’s leading improvisation actor and has been performing since 2008.  He works as production operator at JAE.


Anthony Clavero is the group’s leading man.  Ironically he never wanted to be a performer but instantly performing fell in love with him and proved he had no axe to grind.  Presently he works as a concierge at the Capitol Hotel in Dubai.


Patsy Cline Ganiban presently works at Rockwell Land Corporation.  Although a member since 2009, she is known to be the star of the group’s big shows in 2012 and 2013.


Dayanara delos Angeles, CPA, CMA works as junior associate at SGV & Co./Ernst & Young Philippines.   She used to perform in the group’s mini concerts in 2014.


Adrian Jeremy Rivera studies Information of Technology at the Perpetual Help University.   He is the group’s lead male singer.


Michelle Castro is an active Aklateko member since 2010.  She is presently a full-time volunteer and our lead female singer.


Mary Jane Chua is an active volunteer for the outreach programs of the group.  She works as accounting assistant at MLR Accounting Firm.