Goodbye SEKA

After almost a year (2015-2016) that we made friends with the children of Sentrong Kabataan in Paliparan Site, sharing with them our love and passion for the Arts, we never thought that the establishment would close and that we wouldn’t be able to see the children as a group again.  But we shall always be happy with the memories of our days with them, and how in that short period of time, they had made us so fulfilled and productive.    Sentrong Kabataan (SEKA), a branch of Pangarap Foundation in Paliparan, has been helping children from impoverished families get extra-curricular activities and vocational studies.   Jhon Allan Rodriguez headed SEKA when we first came there, and he stayed until it closed a few months ago.   We are still fortunate to have been a part of SEKA, and teaching the Arts to the kids will always be one of the most memorable moments in our group’s existence.