Joemarie Sanclaria’s Watercolor Art


I can’t help it, and I’m not being biased about it – it’s just that these watercolor artworks move me in a very gentle but powerful way – everything about them is exhilarating, as youth is exhilarating. Joemarie uses colors that emphasize his appreciation for real childhood and freedom – things that perhaps he and many of us never really tasted when we were young – but despite the pain and all the odds, he recreates beauty in his works; the extraordinary beauty of pent-up emotions and inner angst that we can’t simply say in words, or sing in lyrics – but express them in colors and pictures that surprisingly, can make us smile from within, and gently assure us that pain has not made us bitter, but instead shaped us into beautiful creators of art. Thank you Joemarie for preserving innocence, and for turning it into glorious pieces of your wonderful mind for everyone to behold, and feel.



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