The Art of the Children of Sitio Malabon

What happened in our three-year art workshops (2013 -2016) at Sitio Malabon was magical.  Transforming kids into true-blue artists had been a rewarding experience.   Although it was very difficult at first;  getting through the pain and tribulations of winning parental approval had been laborious, but in the end, when some of the kids’ works had been sold, they finally realized we were not wasting time, as what they had presumed.   Here are some of the students’ works:  Untitled-1

The original Sitio Malabon kids in 2013 before we selected the best artists from the first group of students.  sasasasasasasa




Goodbye SEKA

After almost a year (2015-2016) that we made friends with the children of Sentrong Kabataan in Paliparan Site, sharing with them our love and passion for the Arts, we never thought that the establishment would close and that we wouldn’t be able to see the children as a group again.  But we shall always be happy with the memories of our days with them, and how in that short period of time, they had made us so fulfilled and productive.    Sentrong Kabataan (SEKA), a branch of Pangarap Foundation in Paliparan, has been helping children from impoverished families get extra-curricular activities and vocational studies.   Jhon Allan Rodriguez headed SEKA when we first came there, and he stayed until it closed a few months ago.   We are still fortunate to have been a part of SEKA, and teaching the Arts to the kids will always be one of the most memorable moments in our group’s existence.


Joemarie Sanclaria’s Watercolor Art


I can’t help it, and I’m not being biased about it – it’s just that these watercolor artworks move me in a very gentle but powerful way – everything about them is exhilarating, as youth is exhilarating. Joemarie uses colors that emphasize his appreciation for real childhood and freedom – things that perhaps he and many of us never really tasted when we were young – but despite the pain and all the odds, he recreates beauty in his works; the extraordinary beauty of pent-up emotions and inner angst that we can’t simply say in words, or sing in lyrics – but express them in colors and pictures that surprisingly, can make us smile from within, and gently assure us that pain has not made us bitter, but instead shaped us into beautiful creators of art. Thank you Joemarie for preserving innocence, and for turning it into glorious pieces of your wonderful mind for everyone to behold, and feel.



17842345_1535984049754679_675498738_nIt is actually a game for underprivileged kids. They buy items (clothes, toys, books, school supplies donated by my good friends, most of them I met only on Facebook) using only play money. With this game, they learn how to budget their allotted amount of play money on materials that they believe are important to them. Aside from that, they can also choose items that they can give to their mothers, fathers, siblings and friends if their play money can still afford more purchase.   This is an enjoyable game of shopping for the kids.
The first LIBRENG TYANGGE was held in Sitio Malabon in January. The February project in Sitio Silangan was moved to April this year. This month’s LIBRENG TYANGGE will be held in Mabuhay City, Paliparan, Dasmarinas, Cavite on Saturday, March 11 at 4:00 PM. The major sponsor was the artist Mr. Jerry dela Rosa, for donating brand new garments for the children, and Ms. Estrella Gatchalian for sending us books, crayons, sketch pads, chocolates and other great items from Canada.  The other donors were Ms. Adrianne Fern, Josie Fernandez and Ms. Flora Adriano.
The project LIBRENG TYANGGE encourages people to join in the fun and joy of giving as they provide an inconspicuous way of educating kids and giving them a simple but enjoyable method of acquiring financial literacy, and at the same give value to the items that they choose.
Thanks to our donors this month: Ms. Elizabeth Sauler and Ms. Jessabel Binamira. They have been generous with their great items. Ms. Elizabeth Sauler even bought brand new school materials and books for this project. We are hoping that more people will still donate used items so that we can still share this wonderful game with a lot of children, and mothers as well.
The third LIBRENG TYANNGE was held in Sitio Silangan on April 9, 2017.  Ms. Estrella Gatchalian heads the sponsorship as she sends canned goods, candies, chocolates, stuff toys, clothes and books from British Columbia, Canada.  Artist Ms. Ning Odulio participates as well by giving us big umbrellas, raincoats, traveling bags and clothes.  Ms. Rachelle Bulandos also participated and bought goodies and toys for the children.
This is a monthly event. Kindly give us a message if you wish to participate in our project. Your single act of kindness gives hope to hundreds of underprivileged kids.
Contact us # 09971677818